How To Support Your Immune Health with Dr. Taz

People are looking for ways to support their health and wellness, especially their immune system. Kori Krill Oil partnered with Dr. Taz Bhatia to share some important ways to support immune health.

Dr. Taz is renowned for combining modern science with eastern medicine and is the host of the nationally acclaimed super women wellness podcast. She is the author of several best-selling books like ‘What Doctors Eat’ and ‘Super Woman R-X’, and has been a guest on the today show, Dr. Oz and numerous other network tv shows.

Dr. Taz Bhatia, Board Certified Integrative Medicine Physician and Author

Which Kori Krill Oil is right for me?

Kori Krill Oil has superior Omega-3 absorption vs fish oil, no fishy aftertaste and is certified sustainable. Choose the size that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

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600mg Almond 1
Small 600 mg
2 per day
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I prefer more, smaller softgels I prefer more, even smaller softgels
400mg Almond 1
Mini 400 mg
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