Zodiak in front of glacier in Antarctica

Meet Pål Skogrand: Head of Sustainability

As the Head of Sustainability, Pål Skogrand leads the charge for sustainable business practices and environmental consciousness at Aker BioMarine.

A Norwegian Upbringing Rooted in Exploration

Nestled in the vast landscapes of Norway, Pål Skogrand's early years in the countryside cultivated in him a unique sense of exploration and freedom. This unbridled curiosity, reminiscent of a "kid on a summer holiday," as Pål recalls, became the cornerstone of his journey into the realm of sustainability and environmental activism. Moving to the city at ten only intensified his desire to make more meaningful connections between nature and human needs.

Transitioning to a World of Potential

It wasn’t just nostalgia that propelled Pål into the spotlight. His transformation from a government position, where he felt confined, to joining the ranks of Aker BioMarine was a defining moment. He says, "Having worked in Government early in my career, I found it lacked some space where the individual could create and reach a higher potential.” This transition wasn't just a career move; it was a leap into a world where he believed his potential could truly be realized.

Today, as the Head of Sustainability at Aker BioMarine, Pål is at the forefront of an ambitious venture. His hope is to change the way we consume and use our planet’s resources by leveraging sustainable practices–and it all begins with krill.

Krill: A Vital Resource for the Planet

Dive deep into the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean, and you'll find krill. These tiny marine organisms play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, and what makes them truly special are the essential nutrients they pack in their minuscule forms.

According to Pål:

“Krill is a unique resource that’s full of health-promoting nutrients, and probably the world’s biggest single species biomass. We need to make use of the sustainable resources we have on this planet, and while krill is not the easy way to build a business, it is absolutely necessary that we try and excel in doing the difficult: to change the way people eat and how we as a world population use our resources.”

Aker BioMarine's mission of “Improving Human and Planetary Health” centers around this marine marvel. For Pål, this mission is much larger; it's a profound responsibility towards Earth's resources. It encapsulates a vision of sustainable utilization, designed to change global consumption patterns.

By focusing on krill, Pål aims to demonstrate how tapping into sustainable resources can impact human health while also safeguarding our planet.

Championing Climate Justice

Pål’s pursuit of climate justice is both passionate and personal. Hailing from Norway, a nation enriched by oil and gas, he understands the need for a global paradigm shift and the gravity of leading the climate transition. "We shouldn’t be the ones to define climate justice, but we absolutely need to lead the way in the climate transition... with low carbon technology that benefits all of the world," he asserts.

In his bid to secure the planet's future, Pål lists three pillars his organization is anchored on:

  • Transitioning to a low-carbon economy by offering sustainable niche products.
  • Pledging to cut CO2 emissions, thereby fostering innovation within the sector.
  • Urgently investing time and resources into solutions that prioritize the planet’s long-term well-being.

Moreover, Pål passionately shares five personal pearls of wisdom for budding environmentalists:

  • Prioritize action over discourse in sustainability.
  • Engage all stakeholders for a true sustainability win.
  • Align business goals with sustainability for effective results.
  • Stay focused on impactful measures, avoiding transient trends.
  • Always be prepared; sustainability evolves faster than anticipated.

Nurturing Trust and Mutual Support

Leading a sustainability-driven organization brought unexpected personal revelations for Pål. The challenge wasn't merely the business dynamics but also confronting and recalibrating his self-perceptions. Pål admits that mentorship and diversity of thought are indispensable, stating, "It is absolutely key to surround yourself with people that are brilliant at different things than yourself. So, you need to have self-awareness, be brave, resolve what you know you can do, and relinquish power to others where they are at their best."

Pål also emphasizes the significance of collaboration and delegation, recognizing the importance of trusting and empowering those around him. "In my organization, it is all about trust... one of our values is to 'cheer each other on,' and it is a two-way street." This mutual respect and encouragement have been instrumental in his journey.

Innovative Strides for a Sustainable Tomorrow

With rigorous standards, cutting-edge technologies, and a team that shares his passion, Pål Skogrand is making waves in sustainable krill harvesting. “Our dedication to leading the industry in sustainable practices is all brought to market via Kori Krill Oil which is our consumer brand in the US. For example, from its packaging, you can track each bottle of Kori Krill Oil back to the location where the krill was harvested via GPS coordinates. When you buy a bottle of Kori, you can be assured that it was created with all the sustainability work we do as Aker BioMarine.”

In Pål Skogrand, we see a blend of explorer, environmentalist, and visionary. Through his leadership at Aker BioMarine, and in partnership with Kori Krill Oil, sustainability is closer than ever before.