Sustainably Sourced Krill Oil

Kori Krill Oil comes from the only global fishery to earn an "A" rating, for 7 years running.

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What Are Krill?

Krill are tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that represent the largest single species biomass in the Southern Ocean. Near the start of the food chain, krill thrive in deep and clean Antarctic waters where they reproduce rapidly. Krill are powerful natural harvesters of the microalgae they eat, collecting and storing Omega-3s and other nutrients we need.

Certified Sustainable Krill Oil

The krill fishery has been recognized globally as an industry leader in sustainability. Click the arrows to read more.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The only fishery to receive an A-rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership for being particularly well-managed – outperforming all fish oil fisheries.


This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC's standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery.

Friends of the Sea

Stewardship certification from Friends of the Sea confirms no endangered species are caught during operations and no adverse impact had on the ecosystem.
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Eco-Harvesting Prevents By-Catch

Eco-harvesting technology includes a continuously submerged mid-water vacuum that is guarded by a fine mesh net that prevents anything larger than krill from entering. As a result of this process, developed through years of research and investment, by-catch is negligible as there is minimal interaction with species other than krill.

Protecting the Wildlife Ecosystem

We are committed to preserving the sustainability of krill and other wildlife in the Antarctic. Click the arrows to read more.

Harvest Levels

In total, less than 1% of the Antarctic krill biomass is harvested annually. That is well below the 10% level set by the UN in their definition of a sustainable fishery.

Independent Observers

Independent observers on the harvesting vessels in Antarctica provide year-round transparent and detailed reporting of catch volumes and by-catch to the relevant authorities.

Buffer Zones

Voluntarily imposed buffer zones prevent fishing near areas that may be inhabited by other species.

Sustainable Packaging

Kori® Krill Oil boxes and bottles are 100% recyclable, including cap and label. Please check local guidelines to see what may be recycled in your area.

Which Kori Krill Oil is right for me?

All Kori Krill Oil Multi-benefit Omega-3 products provide 1200mg Krill Oil and 250mg EPA & DHA, as much as the USDA weekly guidance. Just choose your preferred softgel size.

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Standard 1200 mg
1 per day
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600mg Almond 1
Small 600 mg
2 per day
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Mini 400 mg
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