Kori Krill Oil

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Multiple Health Benefits

Kori Krill Oil provides Omega-3 EPA & DHA essential fatty acids we need each day to support our best immune, heart, brain, eye, joint and skin health.* Krill oil is clinically proven to raise Omega-3 levels.

Kori Krill Oil also contains more nutrients than just Omega-3s. It is a good source of choline, an essential nutrient that supports brain and nervous system health, and has astaxanthin, an antioxidant.

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Superior Omega-3 Absorption

Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil delivers essential Omega-3 nutrients in their most natural form (called phospholipids) for superior Omega-3 absorption compared to fish oil. Phospholipids also support digestion so there's no fishy aftertaste.

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High Quality Krill Oil

Kori Krill Oil is made in the USA with wild-caught Antarctic krill that is processed immediately on boats to preserve freshness. Third party quality tested. Each bottle is traceable to its original source in Antarctica.

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Certified Sustainable Krill Oil

We are serious about sustainability. It’s a vital part of all operations behind Kori Krill Oil. These operations, notable for low harvesting levels, have earned the highest sustainability credentials six years running.

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Kori Krill Oil vs. Other Sources of Omega-3s

Kori Krill Oil delivers Omega-3 EPA & DHA in their most natural phospholipid form for superior Omega-3 absorption, just as you would find in real fish. Fish oil loses phospholipids during processing. Multivitamins and plant-based sources of Omega-3s are not good substitutes for a healthy fish diet, lacking Omega-3 EPA & DHA levels our bodies need.

Which Kori Krill Oil is right for me?

All Kori Krill Oil products provide 250 mg of essential Omega-3 EPA & DHA per day in three different softgel sizes. Choose the one that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

1200mg Almond 1
Standard 1200 mg
1 per day
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I prefer fewer, larger softgels I prefer more, smaller softgels
600mg Almond 1
Small 600 mg
2 per day
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I prefer more, smaller softgels I prefer more, even smaller softgels
400mg Almond 1
Mini 400 mg
3 per day
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"Kori Krill oil is the REAL THING. Other companies fake you out with fancy names and three times purer or six times more powerful claims all while swapping out fish oil for krill oil." -Phil

"Kori comes in a number of sizes which is helpful for those that don't like to take pills made for horses. No fishy taste (no taste at all), and Kori is MSC certified." - Erica

"Since I've started taking Kori Krill I have less joint pain, my skin looks and feels better. No aftertaste either. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good source of Omega 3s." - Albert