The Highest Quality Standards

The quality and safety of Kori® Krill Oil is ensured through a rigorous protocol from Antarctica to each bottle we deliver.

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Made in the USA from Wild-Caught Antarctic Krill

Kori Krill Oil is made in the USA with wild-caught Antarctic krill that is processed immediately on boats to preserve freshness.1

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Third Party Quality Tested

See Where Your Kori Krill Oil Came From

State-of-the-art krill harvesting vessels have sophisticated GPS systems onboard. That means every bottle of Kori Krill Oil is fully traceable back to the exact spot in Antarctica where it was harvested.

Trace Your Kori Krill Oil

Processed in the USA

The krill used in Kori Krill Oil travel from Antarctica to a state-of-the-art facility in the USA where processing is completed. Click to learn more about operations at the facility.

Good Manufacturing Practices

The facility has passed rigorous audits for process control, adherence to standard operating procedures and good manufacturing practices set by the FDA and third-party certifying bodies like NSF International.

Protecting Against Contaminants

The facility has a closed production process that significantly minimizes the possibility of any contaminants being introduced into Kori Krill Oil.

Quality Control

In house quality control and assurance staff monitor the entire process from start to finish. Independent labs are also used for testing to verify internal results.

Which Kori Krill Oil is right for me?

All Kori Krill Oil Multi-benefit Omega-3 products provide 1200mg Krill Oil and 250mg EPA & DHA, as much as the USDA weekly guidance. Just choose your preferred softgel size.

1200mg Almond 1
Standard 1200 mg
1 per day
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I prefer fewer, larger softgels I prefer more, smaller softgels
600mg Almond 1
Small 600 mg
2 per day
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I prefer more, smaller softgels I prefer more, even smaller softgels
400mg Almond 1
Mini 400 mg
3 per day
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[1] Made with US and imported ingredients.