Kori Press Features for the Month of August

Kori stood out as a true industry leader during August with multiple press mentions which included Discover Magazine, Optimal Health News, and more. We've gathered each article that featured Kori products from this past month so you can explore how Kori earned its well-deserved recognition and accolades.

16 Best Krill Oil Supplements in 2023

Discover Magazine recognizes Kori Krill Oil's Stress and Body Ashwagandha + Omega-3 as a top krill oil supplement, highlighting its stress-relief properties, cognitive and physical benefits, and testosterone enhancement.

The Best Omega 3 Source: Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil

Kori Krill Oil earns the 2023 Best Omega-3 Supplement Product title for North America from Optimal Health News due to its sustainability and distinctiveness in the fiercely competitive omega-3 market.

Kori Krill Oil: The Most Eco-Friendly Source Of Bio-Available Omega 3

Emerging Enterprise News commends Kori Krill Oil for its commitment to preserving the Antarctic krill population through eco-friendly practices, including their collaboration with Aker BioMarine and use of innovative Eco-Harvesting technology.

Kori Krill Oil’s Self-Regulating Sustainability Policy Sets The Highest Responsibility Standard For Its Industry

News 7 Health has recognized Kori Krill Oil for its robust dedication to sustainability in the harvesting and processing of krill, highlighting the company's vertical integration and sustainable packaging as exemplifying its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Best Men’s Supplements: BrainLuxury, NutriRise, Frog Fuel, and Kori Krill Oil are Award Winners

Kori Krill Oil's Pure Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3 Gummies earned recognition from His Health Mag as one of four Best Men's Supplement Products in North America, noted for its superiority and unique benefits.

Kori Krill Oil Receives Award for Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Brand

Kori Krill Oil receives an award for its exceptional dedication to the sustainability and preservation of the Antarctic krill population, recognizing their commitment to long-term sustainability and eco-friendly operations.

Kori Krill Oil is the Consumer Choice For Omega-3 Supplements and Specialty Products

Health 11 News acknowledges Kori Krill Oil's consumer trust due to its sustainably sourced omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids from Antarctic krill, emphasizing its superior absorption compared to fish oil due to the preservation of essential phospholipids during processing.