Antarctic landscape of water and glaciers. Photograph by and courtesy of Frank Grebstad.

Meet Captain Frank Grebstad, Krill Fisherman

A crisp, cold morning, the sun reflecting off vast sheets of ice, the rhythmic hum of a fishing boat engine; this is Frank Grebstad's office. In the rugged world of Antarctic krill fishing, former captain of the Saga Sea, Frank Grebstad, stands as an embodiment of dedication, resilience, and respect for nature.

The Calling of the Ocean

Frank's love for the ocean began as a young boy. From the age of 12, he spent his days fishing the pristine lakes of Norway, and nights dreaming about the vast and infinite sea. His first brush with the ocean was during a short trip aboard the fishing vessel where his father worked. This experience was profound, and Frank immediately knew his calling.

Through hard work and unwavering commitment, he quickly rose the ranks from a young messboy to processor to deckhand to International Fisherman, fishing all over the world across many waters and aboard many vessels. His latest role: an Operations Manager for Aker BioMarine’s Offshore Fleet.

After 30+ years as a fisherman, Frank's career has been an illustrious one, having fished in waters spanning the globe, from the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, to the North Atlantic Sea, and even the Bering Sea. However, there was one landscape that transformed this seasoned fisherman's perspective – Antarctica.

Antarctica: A Landscape Like No Other

Of all the waters Frank has explored, Antarctica offers a unique challenge. The conditions are harsh, with chilling winds and unpredictable seas. Yet, amidst this icy wilderness, the krill thrive. These tiny creatures, though small in size, play a colossal role in our ecosystem, making their harvest crucial. And for Frank, the Antarctic is not just a fishing ground; it’s a living, breathing ecosystem that he deeply respects.

Frank recollects, “Without comparison, Antarctica has been the most fascinating and enthralling place I have ever fished.” The breathtaking Antarctic wildlife, from albatrosses and petrels, to penguins, seals, and whales, added to the continent's mesmerizing charm. Frank shares his sentiments, stating, "Even though you are doing 12-hour shifts... navigating and fishing Norway's largest and most advanced fishing vessels in harsh conditions... Antarctica´s magnificent wildlife, views, sunrise, and sunset, has been a huge factor for always wanting to come back" (Grebstad, 2017).

Though the Antarctic expeditions are rigorous and demanding, they're not without their moments of serenity. The sight of a whale breaking the water's surface, the dance of the Aurora Australis lighting up the night sky, or the simple camaraderie among the crew members; these moments make the journey worth it.

Harvesting Nature's Best, Responsibly

For Frank, it's not just about casting nets and hauling krill; it’s about ensuring that each harvest respects nature’s balance. He believes in sustainable harvesting, a principle that resonates with Kori Krill Oil’s mission. And in this journey, Frank is not alone. He’s flanked by a team that shares his vision, passion, and dedication.

Frank states, “It is because of these people we were able to develop Eco-Harvesting. Because of their innovative mindset and desire to do better, we developed Saga Sea to be the first twin-pelagic trawler with a continuous pumping system. And it is because of their dedication to success we made the Antarctic Sea the most efficient Krill Harvesting Vessel in the world” (Grebstad, 2017).

It's not just about the harvest but ensuring that krill populations remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come.

Former Captain, Forever Fisherman

Frank’s role as a krill fishing boat captain was never just a job — it's his legacy. It's about passing down the values of sustainable fishing to the next generation. It's about ensuring that the pristine beauty of the Antarctic is preserved and cherished. Through his story, we're reminded of the beauty of nature and our responsibility towards it.

Fishermen, in Frank's eyes, are more than just individuals who harvest the sea; they're innovators, competitors, and above all, dedicated to their craft.

Though he might have moved on from his role as a captain, Frank’s heart remains with the sea. And in his words, whenever someone asks him about his profession, he responds with pride, "I am a Fisherman!"