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What are the Differences Between CoQ10 and Omega-3 Fish or Krill Oil?

There’s been a recent growth in popularity of the supplement, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and also a conflation of this supplement with Omega-3 from fish oil or krill oil. So, what’s the difference between Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Omega-3 from fish oil or krill oil, and why might you want to include them in your healthy lifestyle regimen?
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What's the Difference Between Phospholipids vs Triglycerides in Omega-3 Supplements?

When it comes to Omega-3s, there’s a lot of information out there about what they are, how much you need, and how to get enough of these essential nutrients. So, let’s break down one of the common misconceptions: what’s the difference between phospholipids vs. triglycerides when it comes to Omega-3s?
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Which Omega-3 Supplements Have Phospholipids?

When choosing an Omega-3 supplement, it’s important to know that marine oils are available in different forms and have been processed to different degrees. Krill oil supplements deliver Omega-3 EPA and DHA in a mix of triglyceride and phospholipid forms, similar to the balance that one receives through natural food sources of Omega-3s like real fish. So, let’s get technical. What exactly are phospholipids, triglycerides, and ethyl esters?
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Omega-3s for Athletes: What You Need to Know

Essential Omega-3 nutrients have a wealth of potential health benefits that contribute to an athlete’s healthy lifestyle and training routine. When it comes to understanding the benefits of Omega-3s for athletes, new research suggests that athletic performance may be supported with the proper amount of Omega-3s in your diet. From recovery to endurance building, Omegas are there to help you on your journey.
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The Top Benefits of Krill Oil Omega-3s for Skin

The top nutrient found in krill oil is an essential fatty acid called Omega-3s. There are two main Omega-3s found in krill oil: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These two Omega-3s have a wide range of health benefits. However, they can’t be created in your body, you must ingest them for your body to use them.