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Krill Oil Supports Holistic Brain and Memory Health for Adults

Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, are nutrients that play a crucial role in brain structure and performance. EPA is responsible for the support of mental and mood health while DHA supports overall brain function. Both deliver neuroprotective benefits. It may surprise you to learn that DHA is already located inside the brain, and in a higher concentration compared to other organs such as our liver. Researchers believe that these high DHA levels exist through the uptake of DHA from lipids in circulating blood. These lipids reach the brain by crossing through the blood-brain barrier. In contrast to DHA, EPA brain levels are considerably lower.
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Performance and Recovery Benefits of Krill Oil for Athletes

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who gets up for a sunrise hike or a marathoner training for your next race, all bodies in motion require the best care in order to perform at their best. Omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role in whole body health, and krill oil supplements are a great source of this critical nutrient. In fact, krill oil supplements can support athletes’ performance and recovery and help them take their training to the next level.
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The Surprising Benefits of Krill Oil During Pregnancy

In the 9 (sometimes 10!) months a woman is pregnant, there’s a very long list of things you should not do and things you should not eat. And just when you think you’ve wrapped your head around that, there’s yet another long list of things you should do and should eat.
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The Benefits of Omega-3s for Endurance Athletes

There’s really nothing better than the view from the top of the trail after a tough training run or that rush of endorphins after a long workout. And all endurance athletes know that whole body wellness, including nutrition, is essential for maintaining fitness for the long haul. But sometimes, our diets -- even the ones we’ve planned meticulously! -- don’t provide all of the necessary nutrients our bodies require.
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How Much Krill Oil Should I Take?

Many organizations around the world recommend a daily dose of Omega-3 EPA & DHA in the range of 250 to 500 milligrams per day. Unfortunately, most krill oil brands recommend a daily serving size of one small softgel which provides much less than you need. Kori Krill Oil makes it easy to get the recommended level of Omega-3s in just one, two or three softgels per day.